Helpful Tips for Great Wedding Photographs

ScaringeWedding-5362-Jason-Joness-conflicted-copy-2012-01-281Finding a professional photographer for the wedding day is certain to be a difficult process. It is necessary to invest the time and effort to source the professional with the right personal demeanor, artistic style, and skills to ensure the special day is captured just the way you want it. Here are six tips for finding the perfect wedding photographer:

Book early

Start the process of searching for a wedding photographer early to increase the chance of having a skilled professional in place for the event. The best place to start the research is to browse websites or ask recent couples for recommendations. Use the wedding galleries published online to get a full appreciation of the style and quality provided. Think critically when reviewing the options to make sure the photos are in focus, include thoughtful compositions, and guests look relaxed.


The best way to determine the qualities of a photographer is to conduct a video-chat or in-person interview. Try to compile a short list of three or four promising people who appear to have the right skills, available on the day, and within

Renting Event Spaces for Your Wedding and Reception

After getting engaged, booking a location for the wedding and subsequent reception is one of the first things to check off your pre-wedding checklist. Planners recommend booking at least 12 months in advance of your big day if at all possible. The venue that you settle on will ultimately determine many of the other aspects of your wedding, such as whether you need to hire a caterer and what kind of musical entertainment will be appropriate. Here are a few things to consider when seeking the perfect areas for your reception.

The Date

The day you plan to marry your beloved can affect your choices of event spaces. Some spots are only available during the warmer months, making winter wonderland weddings problematic or even impossible. And some spots are popular destinations for special events, so it might be difficult to book it without months’ or, in some cases, years’ notice. This is part of the reason that it is crucial to book as far in advance as possible.

The Space

If you are planning on using the same area for both your wedding and your

Tips for Choosing Successful Vegetarian Wedding Caterers

long-island-wedding-caterersGo online and scout around for various options in terms of menus ingredients and cuisine styles from around the world. When you narrow down possible caterers sit down with them with all this information in hand.

Ask them pertinent questions. Vegetarian wedding caterers are mostly specialists in any one cuisine like Indian, Mexican etc. Pick a caterer who can handle multiple cuisines. Do they have many options to choose from right from the entrée to desserts? Start with the cake and jellies served. You will have to check if the eggless cake varieties offered are up to par. The gelatin used for dishes should not be animal based ditto for ice creams.

Unless you want only vegetables in every course try to find if the caterer is innovative and creative to mix different cuisines like Mexican, Thai, Indian and other Mediterranean styles. Many caterers are capable of whipping up gourmet fusion dishes. Ask them to be innovative. Taste check and then approve the dishes. Furthermore have a few vegan and gluten free dishes for the fussy eaters. Vegetarian dishes use a lot of

Twenty Way Money Saving Wedding and Event Planning

So you’re having a wedding or special event, soon. How do I know this? Because you wouldn’t be reading this, if you weren’t! Everyone wants to have a great wedding, birthday party, quinceanera, or special event, and if you can save some money in the process, why not? Here are some easy tips on how to have a fabulous wedding or event, and save money, too!

1. Take your time – Not only is “Take Your Time” a great Country song by Sam Hunt, but it’s great advice! The average length of engagement is 14 months, but it can certainly be longer. Why? The longer your engagement, the longer you have to save money and plan your big day! This goes for planning any event, too.

2. Don’t Get Saturday Night Fever – Though “Saturday Night Fever” was an iconic 70s movie, don’t catch it! Saturday weddings are the norm and venue owners and vendors know this. You’ll always pay the “normal,” premium price for a Saturday wedding or event. Book your event on a Friday, Sunday, or even a weekday, and save some money!

3. Consider the Off-Season – Have a wedding or event in the “off-season” and save lots of

Finding The Perfect Wedding Dress For You

The dress has got to be one of the most important parts of a wedding.

Thinking about weddings and wedding planning, when it comes to it, it has definitely got to be the dress that has to be perfect for the bride, this is because it is what everyone is waiting for, the revealing of the big white dress and of course to see how fabulous the bride looks.

When dress shopping you have got to make sure you get the perfect dress but this is a very hard decision as all wedding dresses come in all different shapes and sizes, sparkly or plain, puffy or flat, long or short.. pretty much everything!

No matter what though, there is always something to fit everyone’s needs and that suits them.

The one dress that feels and is perfect is the dress that is the one to make them look like a princess and feel like a princess on their special big day. The question is though, how do you know if the dress is actually ‘the one’?

Is it because of how it feels on you, is it because of how you feel in it or is it because of how it looks?

I suppose they

How To Pick The Best Catering Service For Weddings

Virtually any wedding day, little or huge, will not be complete without a wedding reception following the ceremony. This can be a time when the couple can have a fine dinner with the attendees as official husband and wife. Any wedding celebration functions as a possible acquaintance get together for those families from both sides of the bride and groom who’re interacting with one another for the first time. It can also be a reunion of sorts for anyone of the same family. The wedding reception, therefore, must be as memorable as the wedding service itself to make sure that the many guests can think of this together with fond recollections.

Should you be having the wedding reception at a place where catering isn’t included, it truly is your task to look for the wedding caterer which can satisfy the needs you have. Your quest must be as part of your preparations and done months prior to the actual wedding event. You have to have a perception of what you wish to enable you to present these to the food caterer. You have to have strategies for follow on how to employ your wedding catering service.

Before canvassing for a catering

Wedding Favours That People Like to Receive

Wedding favours are gifts of appreciation that are presented to guests who come over to bless the bride and the groom on their wedding day. The blessings that they receive are incomparable to any material gifts, but it is a token of gratitude that they wish to give in return. There are several wedding favour ideas one can avail from friends, family as well as when one browses online. There may be souvenirs presented to the guests that are personalized. These souvenirs are good, but they are of no use and simply gather dust with each passing day. The best favour would be something that is edible and fun to consume. These edible gifts can be customized with the initials of the couple and presented. It will be cherished by those receive it. A few edible wedding gifts could be as follows –

• Baked Desserts – Baked desserts such as cakes, cupcakes, cookies, etc. when baked at home can make great favours as they have a personalized touch to it. One can order them from bakeries with customized instructions and thus make great gifts.

• Chocolate balls and bars – Homemade chocolate bars, as well as chocolates in other shapes,

Planning Your Romantic Wedding At A Waterfront Hotel

Weddings are romantic events filled with love and fun for all of your friends and family. A beach or lake shoreline offers breathtaking views and is a timeless, romantic location for the ceremony. Holding your wedding at a waterfront hotel with beach access will help create a memorable event.

Special Permission or Permits

Some states require permits for private ceremonies on public beaches. If you are unsure, check with the local city office. There may be guest number, time, and/or seasonal restrictions. While scheduling for popular venues can be competitive, this step should be completed first. You want to ensure your plans are in compliance with local regulations before paying a deposit. In the event that the venue has a private beach, you do not have to worry about permits.


Alcohol is a staple at many weddings. If your waterfront hotel has a private shoreline, then you can have your reception right on the sand. Any open container laws will not impact your party. On the other hand, if the ceremony is held in public space, you may have to take the reception back up to the main building. Most cities do not allow open alcohol containers on public or city-owned properties.


Ideas to Make Your Wedding Unique

No one can doubt the fact that in everyone’s life, getting hitched to the loved one is the most momentous occasion. Hence, it’s normal for the bride and groom to go out of their way in making this day special. But for most people, rather than the wedding day, planning for it is much tricky.

Planning for the special day

• Make it official: It’s great news that you are getting married so why not spread the joy. First tell your parents and then your close relatives that you are getting married.

• Discuss with your partner: have discussions with your fiancé about the kind of ceremony you would like whether it’ll be a beach bash, a conventional dinner or ballroom sort of thing.

• Work out a budget: Before indulging in anything, make a budget. It’s easy to dream about a grand ceremony, but if you do not have the financial backing, everything will be a waste. These days, it’s rare that the bride will pay for the whole ceremony. So it’s necessary to verify from both families about the amount of money they are going to contribute.

• Prepare a guest list: Obviously, without guests, weddings will be pale. So make a

Awesome Wedding Venues

All weddings are special. Any time two people in this world come together to express and commit to their mutual love, it’s a beautiful occasion. Perhaps because of this, some people really go out of their way to find wild wedding venues to make the event all the more memorable. These are some of the most unusual places people have tied the knot.

Taking the Plunge

Mike and Crystal Vartanian wanted to start their relationship with a ceremony both meaningful and deep; 20 feet deep to be exact. The Vartanian nuptials were held underwater off the coast of La Jolla in San Diego, CA. The bride donned her gown over her wetsuit and the groom followed suit with his tux. When the couple said their vows, they read them over a radio in the mouthpiece of their scuba gear. Crystal Vartanian said that “if you’ve seen one wedding, you’ve seen them all. We wanted to give our guests something to remember.” Many in the wedding party had never gone diving before and got certified just for the occasion. To carry on the theme, they had the reception dinner at the San Diego aquarium.

Up in the Air

Flying is generally not something people

Tips on Mixing and Matching Music at Your Wedding

Thankfully, there are many great performers who can ensure that your guests – and that you, the happy couple – enjoy a truly special occasion. From singers for hire who can perform a range of popular swing and pop tunes to string quartets that make for sumptuous daytime entertainment, look for reputable, experienced professionals and you are unlikely to be disappointed.

A potential problem can arise, however, if you decide that you would like to mix and match the music on your big day. This is actually a choice for many couples, who decide that they want more traditional music during the ceremony itself – and even throughout the wedding lunch – but then prefer much more lively entertainment in the evening.

Having to think about hiring a number of different performers can be a real headache, and for this reason many newlyweds-to-be hesitate on hiring the musical setup they really want for fear of it all going wrong. If this is what you truly want at your wedding, however, here are a few tips on how to mix and match your musical entertainment successfully.

Firstly, consider that all your musical choices should be aligned with the particular theme that you have

Theme for Your Wedding

When making preparations for your big day, it is easy to get lost in trying to figure out the exact unique flair that expresses you and your partners relationship. However with a clear focused goal and the help of a wedding planner it can be easy and enjoyable to figure out the perfect style. While there are conventional styles that can be used as the basis for planning the theme, your wedding’s theme can be anything you imagine whether it be a timeless traditional wedding to a quirky franchise based wedding.

One of the first things to focus on when planning a theme for your wedding is to decide on what décor should be used during both the reception and the ceremony. This encompasses everything from the flowers at the altar to the music playing during the dance. The reason that décor is important for your wedding is that it helps establish the tone of the whole day and is also an easy way to express your creativity in a public forum. Décor also can make a change by making your wedding more memorable by having a attention grabber that sticks in people’s minds better.

Though décor does play a large

Things To Look For In A Wedding Planner

Let me tell you a story about a sad wedding.

I watched a news story about women in the local Dallas area who had hired a local wedding planner.

The planner was supposed to help them with their day of wedding planning and coordinating.

But on the day of the wedding – the wedding coordinator never showed.

What Does A Wedding Planner Do

A day of a wedding planner or coordinator provides a variety of tasks:

  • ranging from helping to scheduling
  • hiring the photographer
  • hiring other staff
  • running the wedding

Why You Need Day of Wedding Coordinator

If your only concept of a wedding planner is from the movies – you might think it’s an unnecessary extravagance.

But I can tell you from experience – you need someone in this role.

The most memorable experience I had was when our friend E got married. She was going to do it herself at her wedding.

My wife ended up taking over because clearly E was overwhelmed.

You need someone on the day of the wedding who is not in the party at the alter.

For example:

  • Make sure people get lined up
  • The photographer is setup
  • If necessary – have an alternate officiator on speed dial

How To Avoid A Dishonest Wedding Planner

The brides to be in this story were

How to Avoid Stress on Your Wedding Day

As anyone getting married knows all too well, planning a wedding can be both an exciting time and a very stressful one. Although one is looking forward to tying the knot, there are many things to be organised and to take into consideration to ensure that not only the wedding goes smoothly but all the guests have a fantastic time too.

Unfortunately this means that for many people the actual wedding day itself can be particularly stressful, when it should in fact be one of the happiest days of your life. To make sure that your stress does not get out of control on your wedding day, try these pieces of advice to stay calm and ensure everything goes smoothly.

The first thing to do to ensure that you are less stressed about your wedding day is to eliminate the threat of uncertainty. Unpredictable things happen, especially at those occasions where something is bound to go wrong if you are desperately praying for things to go right. Maybe your solo wedding singer will be 30 minutes late after being stuck in traffic, or your wedding dress might get a tear.

When things to go wrong, do not let this stress you out,

Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Invitations

Organizing a wedding can be very challenging time, as there are seemingly hundreds of things to think about and organist. Ordering and sending out your wedding invitation cards is just one other thing to do on a very long list. Here are some top tips on how to pick out your invitations, making the whole process a lot quicker and easier.

First of all, you need to remember to start early when it comes to selecting your cards and sending them out. Remember that your cards will need to be sent about two months before the actual wedding, so that people have enough time to reserve the date for the big day. For this reason, make sure that you are thinking about choosing the design of your cards at least a month before that.

The first tip is to think about the theme and style of your wedding; you may decide on having a modern theme for your wedding, which can be reflected in your cards. If you are having a traditional wedding that suits the culture of your country or ethnicity, consider having a type of card that reflects that.

There are many different styles to choose from, so take your

Ways To Have A Unique Wedding

If you want your wedding to be memorable then it must be unique.

There are several ways to make your wedding unique and in this article we will share a few ways to do that.

Wedding Venue

The most common way for a wedding to be memorable is the venue.

This doesn’t have to be wacky. For example sitcoms are always getting married in some type of warehouse or abandoned place.

You could choose to get married at a nice home, a local garden or if you are school sweethearts maybe in the school cafeteria.

Or you could choose to get married in a destination wedding.

Such as Las Vegas, A Disney theme park or in a foreign country.

As an example you could get married on the beach in the Caribbean. Such as Jamaica, Cayman Islands or Bermuda.

These are wonderful paradises and many have wedding packages you can purchase.

You can also get married at sea. Pretty much every cruise ship will have a wedding chapel. And another benefit of getting married at sea is that you have your honeymoon built into the package too.

However, if you are going to get married in a destination wedding make sure you have all of the paperwork squared away.

Wedding Outfit


Ideas for a Perfect Wedding Stationery

A wedding is one of the most exciting and most complicated events anyone will ever have to organise – and hopefully only once! One part of the wedding puzzle is choosing wedding invitations and wedding stationery. So to help make it easier here’s a few essential tips you can follow to make the whole experience pleasurable rather than painful.


Decide on a budget. Be realistic about what you can afford. If money is tight then allow more for your invitations and cut back on your other stationery.

You want to make a statement about your wedding and the invitation makes a powerful first impression. Also many people like to keep wedding invitations as keepsakes.

Bear in mind that if you want a handmade bespoke invitation it will inevitably cost more than something off-the-shelf or bought online. Also if you want lots of embellishments such as lace, ribbon, diamante, pearls etc this will bump up the price.

Remember, a simple print-based wedding invitation can still be very beautiful if done well using quality materials.


This is a great option for saving money if you are creative, have the time and enjoy making things. It’s very easy to buy materials without setting

Keep Guests Comfortable on Outdoor Wedding

Outdoor weddings can be beautiful events, especially when they take place in the right location. They are especially wonderful for outdoor enthusiasts, those who spend their spare time in nature, and those who enjoy to garden. However, there can be a number of things to think about when considering this type of event. A number of things could go wrong, from bad weather events to issues with pests. Without proper planning and preparation, what should be a fairy tale day could end up being a disaster with unhappy guests. The following are some tips to keep in mind when planning outdoor weddings:

Choosing a Location

When deciding on where to get married, it is incredibly important to choose the location very carefully. Always try to find a location that has an indoor option in the event of inclement weather. While the hope is that an indoor venue will not be needed, the extra insurance of having it will ease the mind of everyone involved. For wine enthusiasts, vineyards can provide a beautiful backdrop outside while still having weather protected area like a gazebo in the event of rain.

A hotel can also provide an ideal option for a location. There are some

Decorating For Weddings

Wedding decorations are some of the most fun aspects of hosting weddings. They set the scene of the event and demonstrate the mood of the day. Many brides and grooms choose to make and arrange their own decorations. While this can have its good points, it can also be a stressful part of the big day if significant preparation is not taken well in advance. The following is a general timeline to consider when decorating for a wedding:

One Year Ahead

The couple should sit down and discuss the budget. Typically, event-planning experts recommend allotting no more than 15 percent of the entire budget to decorating. If that seems too high, it may be necessary to scale back on the more expensive components, such as flowers, and think of some alternative yet beautiful materials.

Nine Months Ahead

Once the budget has been set, it is time to think about the fun aspects. By now, couples have already secured the venue and know what they have to work with. The color scheme should be finalized at this time. Look through some bridal magazines to get some ideas for the best colors based on the season of the event. This is also a time to

The Wedding Reception

Essentially, it is an after-wedding party that the bride’s parents provide for their and the groom’s family, friends, and guests, plus the friends of the bride and groom. It should be magnanimous, memorable, and fun. It can also be very out-of-hand expensive, but it does not have to be that. By registering for her gifts, by web-searching, and by attending bridal showers, the bride elect makes noise that represents the bugle call of the fox hunt, where the hunting hounds are every business that wants to make a lot of money providing stuff for her wedding.

The smart bride elect should consider all of this contact, think about what is important to her about her wedding and discuss this with her parents. The wedding, the wedding reception, and the honeymoon should be special and memorable. But, it would be nice to also be a young couple that receives some startup money for married life. Typically, what happens is the father of the bride plans and intends to give his daughter a four or five-figure check as a wedding gift. Quite often, she does not get one red cent, because she chose to incur wedding costs that squander that generosity. The